DM563 – Solutions to Exercises

Git Repository

You can always find the latest version of the solutions on

Remember to keep an eye on the Discord server. I will not post a link here, but you can find a link on Blackboard.

Each week after exercise class, I will upload a zip archive of the solutions for that week; included will be the solutions we make together and my original solution.

Course resources

Fabrizio's website for the course:

The git repository for the course:

External resources

Here is a good (but long) video about generics in Java:

This article attempts to explain streams and lambda expressions in a pedagogical way (ad-blocker might be advised):

A decent guide to Java's ExecutorService framework:

A video about ForkJoinPools in Java:

A video tutorial on stopping threads early in Java:

A video introduction to CompletableFuture in Java 8:

If you have questions

Send me (Jakob) an e-mail: