Jakob Kjær-Kammersgaard

That's my name up there , and this is what I look like:

Jakob Kjær-Kammersgaard

I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from University of Southern Denmark in Odense.
Things I enjoy: programming, dabbling in electronics, sharing knowledge, being in good company, and working on solving non-trivial problems (occasionally trivial non-problems).

Together with two friends, Jørn Guldberg and Patrick Jakobsen, I co-founded a company, QuasiOS ApS. We are doing operating systems research and developing a brand new OS for the robotics and automation industry.

Get in touch

Via e-mail: jahej spamkobhej spam@mishej spamcellus.cohej spamm
or on LinkedIn.
Sometimes I put my work on github.com/miscellus, although not exclusively.